3D Wheel Alignment Machine

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3D Wheel Alignment Machine

Product Specification

The latest 3D Car Wheel Aligner machine from Sunrise Instruments Pvt. Ltd is equipped with modern age camera beam makeup so as to make the process of Wheel Aligning comparatively easier and flexible.

We are successfully ranked amongst the top-notch entity offering a wide range of 3D Wheel Aligner (2 Camera). This wheel alignment machine is equipped with 3D two cameras. Every minute and simple detail is captured and stored using high-end software application. The machine provides continuous data processing and measurement displaying.

Technical Specifications :

  •  Intelligent LED Guide:
  •  With Special Design, Flashing
  •  LED Lamps Offer dynamic feedback during measuring and monitor the measurement processes effectively.

Classical Structure Design:

Brand New Camera Beam design makes the entire structure of the alignment system rational and grand. Versatile structures are optional.



High-resolution Camera:

With two imported high-resolution cameras and the fast and stable central computer system. Transmission of the picture can reach 15 frames per second to make the measuring result be displayed continually.



Target Disk:

Target disks are made of special materials which will not be broken even falling from 10 meters high. The reflection materials with superior engineering film can last longer working life.



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