Decarbonize any Petrol/Diesel Engine

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Decarbonize any Petrol/Diesel Engine

Product Specification:

230 VAC ± 10% or 12 VDC @ 10 Amp. Battery Supply.


Product Description:

  •  This is Microcontroller based fully Automatic machine.
  •  Machines can Decarbonize any Petrol/Diesel Engine of all type of Automobile vehicle.
  •  Different detachable adapters for a connecting machine with vehicle make it much easier for operations.
  •  Digital Timer is provided for easy operation/controls of the machine.
  • The machine can be operated either on 230 VAC ± 10% or 12 VDC @ 10 Amp. Battery Supply.
  •  Heavy Duty Pressure Regulator (Italian) is provided to Decarbonize vehicle at desired Pressure.
  •  Heavy Duty Operating Switches given for maintenance-free operation.
  •  Quick Release Couplers (QRC) are provided at the end of connecting pipes to avoid chemical spillage.
  • The machine will sound up Buzzer at the end of Decarbonizing process
  •  Transparent Oil Level Indicators Available on each Tank.

Benefit To Vehicle By Decarbonizing

  •  Fuel saving up to 15%.
  •  Restore power by 40%.
  •  Enhanced engine life.
  •  Pollution control up-to 50%.
  •  Smoother vibration free ride.
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